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We recognize that your vehicle is valuable to you. Whether it's new or old, it's yours and you depend on that vehicle when you need it. Why make big payments when that older one is paid for and serves your needs reliably. Our job is to help you keep that vehicle running and save you money at the same time.

Big 4 specializes in parts for Pickups, Vans and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV'S). We're not a pick-n-pull yard! We are a full-service parts store. We try and make the part-shopping experience as pleasant and easy as possible. We specialize so that we can be more knowledgeable about the products and services we provide. We don't just buy scrap and sell a few parts off the vehicle then crush it. We have great respect for the value of a part for your vehicle. We keep our vehicles as long as we have room, and when we decide to crush a vehicle we remove as many of the parts that you might need. We catalog and preserve the parts and store them for your convenience. We also carry an extensive line of new replacement lights, bumpers, glass, mirrors, body parts and many other parts at great savings to you.

Many of our customers prefer to buy used alternators and starters because those cheap ones from certain new parts stores that offer lifetime warrantees just don't work out. Our part warrantees vary from 30 days to 6 months.

We also offer rebuilt automatic transmissions for most GM, Ford and Mopar applications with 6 month warranty. If we install the transmission we also guaranty the labor.

We are conveniently located in south Austin close to IH35 and the South Park Meadows shopping center.

Proudly Serving: Austin, TX; Round Rock, TX; Pflugerville, TX; Buda, TX; Kyle, TX; San Marcos, TX

Services Offered:

  • Automotive Glass, New & Used, & Installation
  • Used & Rebuilt Transmissions Plus Installation
  • Body Parts
  • Used Starters, Alternators, Computers
  • Engines, Motors & Installation
Austin Auto Salvage Company: Building a Safer World

Whenever anyone comes across the term ‘auto salvaging’ the image that jumps into the mind is usually a junkyard. But this is a misconception many auto salvage companies would like to correct. In fact, salvaging involves much more than you might think. A professional Austin Auto Salvage Company plays a big part in today’s movement to protect the environment. They also strive to inform people on the real meaning of auto salvaging and how it protects our environment and safeguards the public.

Austin Auto Salvage Company: Demystifying Auto Salvaging

In essence, the real definition of an auto salvage firm is an automotive recycler. An Austin Auto Salvage Company employs qualified technicians who are experienced in handling all sorts of vehicles. These professionals know what materials are recyclable and what needs to be disposed of. Functional parts are put up for sale while waste parts are processed and scrapped. The scrap containing copper, steel, brass, aluminum, iron, and tin are sold. Metals like these are used again in manufacturing new goods.

All usable parts recovered from old, unused vehicles are cleaned and tested for good working condition. They are then categorized to ensure they are found easily when orders come in. Accurate descriptions are assigned to each item to make sure customers don’t have to waste too much time in finding a match to their requirements. All parts on hand and on stock are encoded and updated regularly through a computerized inventory.

At its very core, the main task of a professional Austin Auto Salvage Company is to dismantle, recover, and recycle various parts from old and unused vehicles. To maintain productivity and curtail the side effects on people and the environment the company uses only the very best of the latest technology. Certain local and state regulations on environmental compliance are in place and a company has to show that they conform before a permit to operate and install the equipment is given. How the company will dispose of its waste safely is also taken into consideration.

Austin Auto Salvage Company: Advantages of Auto Salvage

An Austin Auto Salvage Company specializes in reconditioned parts that come at a much lower price than having to buy new. With a wide resource of vehicle parts in stock, they help in locating hard to find spare parts. Before putting up an item for sale they clean it properly and test it for performance. This assures people of high-quality recycled parts. In fact they help people solve many of their auto repair problems. Salvaging can save many other vehicles from heading to the salvage yard before they need to. Your vehicle can be restored to good running condition and last much longer without the expense of purchasing new parts.

An Austin Auto Salvage Company provides access to these parts through its availability on the internet. You can shop for parts online and know immediately if a part is available or not. Through its online locating, it can direct a client to specify the exact needed part. You can also get referrals to affiliate auto recyclers where you can get the needed parts. Delivery of items, made by shipping or pick-up, is always reliable and timely with all items covered by a 30- to 90-day warranty.

An Austin Auto Salvage Company is a substantial contributor to area employment. The company’s technicians and admin staff have a steady stream of income. They provide their employees with the mandatory safety tools that help them do their work capably. Through its contacts and referrals, it also helps scrap yards and repair shops earn a living and cut on cost for acquiring new spare parts. People’s lives are changed for the better.

Auto salvaging maintains the cleanliness of the communities. It takes away annoying eyesores not just from your garages but also your roadsides and neighborhoods. Exposure to health hazards are minimized by keeping the waste materials in secluded and non-intrusive storage spaces.

Austin Auto Salvage Company: Saving the Environment

A diligent Austin Auto Salvage Company gives prominence to abiding by all local and state regulations and stays true to its environmental compliance certificate. In order to remain certified and operational all safety practices should be followed. They also know that they have to avoid all forms of pollution. They should avoid all things that foul the air. This includes fumes, smoke, dust particles and gases. Open burning of tires which is toxic to health and bad for the environment is no longer practiced. Certain necessary tests are preformed for crushers, heaters, grinders, boilers, and furnaces which they have to pass every day before they continue.

Tires are piled up systematically and covered well to prevent mosquitoes, pests, and other disease-causing organisms from proliferating in the environment. All combustible materials are handled carefully. An Austin Auto Salvage Company is always kept secured against fires which could damage lives and properties.

All scrap materials are properly disposed of as waste. Reclamation plants receive hazardous waste like contaminated gasoline, used oil, mercury bulbs, paints, solvents and lead batteries for processing and reuse. Extreme caution is used in handling oil leaks and spills as well as corrosive substances like rust, lead, sulfuric acid, and other chemicals. These elements are highly toxic not only to human health but also to the flora and fauna of the neighborhood. Wastewater is sent to treatment plants, and this same water is never be allowed to discharge into natural rivers, lakes, and ponds used by people.

The awareness of the impact auto salvaging has on people’s lives and the environment propels an Austin Auto Salvage Company to do its job well. If you look closely, it looks like a firm dealing in spare parts but it knows its part in making our world a safer and better place to live. It’s time people relinquish the old idea that an auto salvage company is the same thing as a junkyard. A qualified Austin Auto Salvage Company decreases waste, reprocesses old parts, and recycles second-hand materials into more productive substances. Rediscover the meaning of this important business that works for the greater good.


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